“A powerful platform to come together, live together and dream together”

Anton & his mum, Sherie-Ann

The Can-do Crew are a Funky Fitness Family who Entertain & Empower the children of today.

The Crew’s Energy Enhancing Educational Principles will be available for your child directly to their tablet/phone via download through the App Store/Google Play & will provide your child with prescriptions of workouts, routines & everyday essentials.

Each member of the crew teaches their own personal philosophy setting your child on a pathway to a Healthier Body & Happier Mind.

To create Household Harmony for parents & children by setting solid stepping stones, good values and believes.

The muscle motivator

His mission is to motivate and inspire the young generation of today.
He teaches children all about their muscle groups and how to move them in safe + effective way.

The Rhyming Routinist

Maizie, Mum of the Family believes organisation is the key to her healthy, and happy family.
Maizie teaches through her rhymes, that routines reap rich rewards!
Be Like Maizie & Don’t Be Lazy!

The Nutritional Navigator

Franko, is a Fiat 500 but believes he has the powerful engine of a Ferrari.
He teaches children about their food groups and how to fuel their bodies correctly.
His nutritious recipes will take them on a journey from A – B to Vitamin C!

The Laughmeister

Cornie is the youngest member of the family, he loves to laugh & make others laugh.
He teaches children all about their emotions, and when any negative emotions creep in how to counter them with laughter.

The Professor

Professor Kernel MacCorn studies Human Behaviour & Emotions.
His studies show that the secret to a ‘Happy Mind Set’ starts with having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.
He teaches children the importance of Gratitude & to always have a positive attitude.

The Happy Hygienist

Candie is all about personal hygiene.
She believes that when you look and smell good, you feel good.
Her everyday essentials will provided children with the tools & techniques to groom, grow & glow.